Open-sourcing Schematic

In March of 2018, I started work on an Auto Layout wrapper library called Schematic. The goal was to help simplify creating views for the development teams at Wattpad.

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Ad-hoc experimention with Gatsby

I recently converted my website to Gatsby and back to Jekyll. These are some notes for myself if I ever decide to rewrite my website again.

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3 Things I Was Afraid to Ask About Auto Layout

In 2018, on a likely humid day in Toronto I gave a talk about Auto Layout at a developer event called tacow. Here are some notes and the slides from that talk.

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Unexpected Closure

Closures in Swift are a great feature and are useful for tasks such as network callbacks, notification subscription, and providing an alternative to the delegate pattern.

Recently, I discovered that code as inconspicuous as a && (and) conditional could also leverage this feature.

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Adjacency Matrix

In the last post, we explored how a graph can be represented using an adjacency list. We’ll now look at how an adjacency matrix can also be used.

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DFSubviews: DFS and UIKit

There are two popular traversal algorithms for graph traversal: Depth First Search (DFS) and Breadth First Search (BFS). Both of which have lots of applications.

I believe that UIView’s private function: recursiveDescription is an application of DFS and I’ll attempt to re-create it with that assumption.

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